CCRetirees Organization is working on your behalf to develop programs of interest to all our members.  

Members are now able to purchase auto and home insurance at group rates from Hub Insurance. This is an exclusive arrangement with Hub negotiated by the CCRetirees and is only available to CCRetiree members. Savings for individuals range from 15% to 30%. This could save the average member as much as $300 to $400 per year!

Click on the “Hub Insurance” tab for further information.


CCRetirees are now able to receive additional discounts from local merchants, simply by presenting your new Membership Card.

Click on the “Merchant Discounts” tab for a listing of merchants and discounts.


Please keep in mind that CCRetirees is a volunteer organization.  Our ability to offer member programs of any kind will depend entirely on the level of interest expressed by members and the willingness of individual members and committees to make them happen.  Please join us and then volunteer!  Help us make CCRetirees the Organization that you want it to be.