Last month, the 2019 federal budget promised new measures and legislative changes to support fairer treatment of defined benefit pensioners.  This is the first time that the federal government has publicly recognized that existing legislation does not treat pensioners fairly. But the proposed changes are vague and do not go far enough.  

The efforts the Canadian Federation of Pensioners (CFP), of which we are a member, and our coalition partners namely the National Federation of Pensioners (NFP) and the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) are driving this change.  We represent over 4 million Canadians. But we must keep up the pressure on the government as well as all federal parties as we approach the October federal election.  They need to hear from you, the voters.

We are calling for super-priority for defined benefit pensions in the event of corporate insolvency and for the creation of a pension insurance fund.  Pensioners have paid into their pension funds during their employment years and deserve to have their pensions protected during retirement.

How can you help?

  • Contact your MP and candidates for the 2019 federal election.
  • Share our information by email or in person.  
  • Get them to commit to protecting defined benefit pensioners!


Here are some tools to help you:


  • A sample letter (copy attached) is on our website (www.ccretirees.org) and it is meant to be sent to sitting members of parliament and any federal candidates in your riding. Use our website with its pre-programmed  tool to send this letter to your Member of Parliament and also e-mail the same letter to all candidates in your riding urging action to protect defined benefit pensioners and requesting an opportunity to meet with them.  This information may be shared with local media.
  • A background brochure on the issue, to be used in your discussions.  It can also be shared with media. 
  • Some talking points (CFP NFP Messaging) to use in discussions with your MP and candidates.
  • Tweet about the issue or post on Facebook -- include #protectpensioners @justin trudeau @andrewscheer @thejagmeetsingh @elizabethmay

Thank you for your ongoing support.  Keep us updated on your efforts and if we are available within reasonable distances we will accompany you to any meetings you may have. Together, we can ensure all pensioners are protected.


Cody Cooper                                                                                                                       

President, CCRetirees Organization.