About Us

Who we are

CCRetirees Organization is a Not-for-Profit Organization dedicated to serving the best interests of Current and Future Fiat Chrysler Canada Inc. Salaried Retirees.


Our Mission

Provide information and communications of interest to members;
Coordinate members' actions and responses to issues affecting them;
Advocate on behalf of members' collective best interests;
Create and maintain various programs of benefit to members.

Directors 2017

Cody Cooper - Board Chair & President
Jim Dunn - Vice Chair & Vice President
Kathy Hartig - Assistant Treasurer
Lou Ienna - Membership, Recruiting & Communications
Jim Kenney - Member Programs
Don Kreibich
Walt McCall - Events Committee
Dan Minello - Toronto Rep
Andy Moro
Ron Sitarz
Anna Petrozzi - Treasurer

Joe Bevacqua - Secretary

Tim Hebert - Pension 

Gary Roe

Ivo Spadotto




Privacy Policy

CCRetirees respects the privacy of our members and is committed to protecting their personal information. We only collect such personal information as is required to assist us in the administration of our activities, the collection of fees, and to provide member communications. We will take appropriate actions as required to ensure that these policies are observed by our Board of Directors and our agents. CCRetirees will not disclose any information about a member without first seeking their consent. We would ask that members ensure that the information that they provide to us is accurate and up to date, and that they inform us of any changes.